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Statement to NorCal/New England & SEIU Brothers & Sisters

DEAR Fellow EMTs, Paramedics, Union Brothers & Sisters,

The NorCal & New England members of the National EMS Association (NEMSA) have been in a long two year (or more) campaign to restore democracy to their union. Recently, in a further attempt to subjugate the democratic process - Colcord signed an unapproved, covert affiliation agreement with NAGE/SEIU. This unelected, despotic self-appointed grand-wizard of NEMSA has also secured himself a 5-year contact worth somewhere in the vicinity of $750,000.00.

This entire deal runs contrary to the basic tenets of unionism and the purpose of unions. Unions are supposed to represent the larger group and see to the needs of the members - not the pocketbook and fortune of one individual. This corrupt and self-serving individual does not have the best interest of anyone, other than himself, at heart.

Please contact your local representatives/leaders and say "enough is enough!" Let's stick together against corruption and greed!

Judgement against Colcord

Unprecedented judgment

"It's a substantial judgment for substantial wrongdoing," said Dan Martin, administrative vice president for SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West. "They were on payroll, supposed to be looking out for members, and they did just the opposite. It's an example of what happens when people put their own personal ambitions above the interests of the union."- Sacramento Business Journal -2006 (for more, see article on the upper left)

  • NEMSA - NEMSA is corrupt & undemocratic. It is run more like a despotic personal business; the folks at NEMSA need to find another line of work.
  • A union can only work with a transparent democratic process.

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